Our Story


Nate’s Story

My pursuit of fantastic coffee began a generation ago in the back of a welder’s shack in southern Louisiana.  Here, coffee wasn’t coffee unless it was mixed with Chicory and you could stand a spoon in it.  Growing up on family stories about drinking coffee in southern Louisiana, and drinking equally strong coffee at home began my pursuit of a perfect cup.

Like many people, school and work made coffee a simple necessity of life.  Life’s necessity coupled with a love for the kitchen sent me in pursuit for the best cup of coffee available to a poor college student.  This pursuit continued after school, and on into the workforce where engineer’s lifeblood is coffee, and the sign of a true coffee drinker was to have your own coffee maker despite having the office coffee pot within 50 feet of your desk.

Katie’s Story

I grew up with a mom who loves china, English gardens, and gourmet teas.  It wasn’t unusual for us to drive 2 hours (one way) to a specialty tea shop, and spend another hour just exploring and smelling the various unique teas.  That love—coupled with the most amazing seasonal allergies—actually gave me a great nose for identifying the delicate hints and flavors of our coffees.

My first coffee experience was black military coffee at the age of 8…I didn’t recover for over 20 years.  I didn’t start drinking and learning to appreciate specialty coffee until Nate and I started dating, and it wasn’t until after we got married that we were inspired to turn our research and passion into a business.  I’m the budgeter in the family, and after searching for fantastic coffee at a fair price, we decided to purchase a home roasting machine where we thought we could save some money, and get top notch coffee.  Little did we know it would send us on the road to starting our own coffee roastery!   After spending countless hours, and working with hundreds of different coffees, we began producing coffee that couldn’t be matched by anything we could find in a store.  

Our Unique Name

How did we get our name?  Well, when we looked at our respective stories, the common thread was family and home.  It seemed fitting that our name reflect those roots.  Katie grew up on Saje (pronounced like the herb, with a long “a”) Lane, and Nate grew up on Woody Creek.  It was an added bonus that it sounded like a place you’d want to visit!

Thank you for checking us out and reading our story.  We hope you’ll love and enjoy our coffees as much as we do!


Nate & Katie McVay

Saje Creek Roast Masters