Flight - Central American

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Flights are great options if you have a hard time deciding, or if you are looking for a gift! Each 5"x 8" bag contains 4 ounces of some of our favorite coffees and blends.

GuatemalaLight, sweet and bright; this coffee leaves a smooth-mouth feel.  A clean cup with caramel, cocoa, lemon, and toffee notes.  Crisp brightness.  A great companion when waking up!

Matador - Big and bold, with a hint of tart raspberry.  Heavy mouth feel with a long finish.  This specialty blend is one of our most requested coffees: perfectly balanced punch and heft.  A crowd favorite!

Velvet Shade - Our darkest, deepest blend. Smooth and dry with medium tones and hints of chocolate, caramel and toffee. A clean mouth feel. (This used to be our "Nameless Blend"...but now it has a name!)